IT Background


I’ve been in IT some 20 years now, give or take. When I started out, NT 3.51 was just gaining momentum. I remember the joy and satisfaction of creating my first security group and user account. But guess what? After creating my umpteenth account, I started thinking, “Hmm there should be a way to do this automatically…”

Fast forward to 2000, when I got my first taste of what it meant to script. For those of us who’ve been around for quite some time, KiXtart was mainstream back then. Then came vbs. I remember picking up the book “Window/NT/2000 ADSI scripting for System Administration” by Thomas Eck. Let’s just say, I never looked back. That was my first book of many more to follow. Then I found the “Hey, Scripting guy” website. I still visit them on the regular. The scriptcenter.chm was a must for all those who took their scripting seriously.

Just as I got comfortable with vbs, there came a new kid on the block. His name? PowerShell! I’ll admit, I wasn’t too giddy about learning PowerShell. After years of investing in a library of scripts, to start all over was kind of daunting. I thought it was just a phase. Guess I was wrong! I noticed the scripting guys started promoting PowerShell. I also saw that Exchange commands had a PowerShell equivalent script. Message received: I needed to look into PowerShell. My first PowerShell book was “PowerShell in Action” by Bruce Payette. In hindsight too advanced at that time for me.

Today I can’t imagine scripting without PowerShell. PowerShell is so versatile and becomes better with every version. Mind you, once you get accustomed to the new version, you’ll start wondering “How could I have ever lived without this?”

There are so many websites out there with great quality PowerShell information. My top three favorite sites are: (Tobias Weltner) (Don Jones) (Ed Wilson)

For anyone wanting to get started with PowerShell, I can definitely recommend these sites. Give the power tips a try! The best way to learn PowerShell is by doing. Having a vbs scripting background was kind of a handicap when I started. I wanted to do things the vbs way. Fun fact, I recently needed a vbs script and I had to really make an effort to get back into the vbs groove. When I looked at the finished code, I thought to myself, “Man this is way easier in PowerShell.”

This is just my way of giving back to the PowerShell community

Happy reading!



One thought on “IT Background

  1. godisagabber

    Yo master irw,

    I had to laugh about tour comment
    “How could I have ever lived without this?”
    One day you will wake up, look in the mirror and realise you are actually a Penguin!

    Greetings & hugz
    El Vinko



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