RoboCopy ExitCodes the PowerShell way

‘Sup PSHomies!

Boe Prox recently blogged about building a enum that supports bitfields in PowerShell, definitely worth the read!

The first thing I thought about was RoboCopy! As you may or may not know, I’m a huge fan (no pun intended) of RoboCopy! I know that RoboCopy returns exitcodes, I just  didn’t do anything with it. Instead of relying on the exitcode, I’ve created a Get-LogSummary script to give me an overview of what failed or succeeded. Now that I see how easy it can be, why not give it a try? 😉

I’m running Windows 10 so I went with the PowerShell 5.0 version

[Flags()] Enum RoboCopyExitCodes{
NoChange = 0
OKCopy = 1
ExtraFiles = 2
MismatchedFilesFolders = 4
FailedCopyAttempts = 8
FatalError = 16
Number = $_
ExitCodes = [RoboCopyExitCodes]$_


So let’s give it a run!

#Start RoboCopy
$source  = '.\c#'     #Choose a source
$target  = '.\temp'   #Choose a target

robocopy $source $target /MIR


The target isn’t empty. I’m using /MIR to make a point. Be careful when choosing your target!

So the first run gave an exitcode of 3



A second run gave an exitcode of 0


No change indeed!

As a first impression, could be useful… So there you have it! RoboCopy exitcodes the *ahem* PowerShell way! 😛

Hope it’s worth something to you




2 thoughts on “RoboCopy ExitCodes the PowerShell way

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