What does being an iron addict and scripting have in common?

I love scripting! I’m also an iron addict, no doubt! If I could do both at the same time I would… Come to think of it, some of my best ideas came to me under the bar… 😉

Scripting much like lifting gets better with practice (and time, lot’s of it!), you gotta pay your dues! There’s no shortcut or quickfix. Here’s what lifting has taught me at becoming a better scripter.

Learn the basics, using good form
You would think that’s obvious. Learn how to do the basic compound lifts using correct form. Once you make progress, you’re allowed to experiment. At the heart of it, know your basics. With scripting you should understand the basics of your scripting language. Practice until it becomes second nature to you. This never ends.

Understand that getting strong(er) takes time
When I first started lifting I made progress… fast! At the rate I was going I thought I’d be benching 200 kg in no time… Slow your role Urv it doesn’t work like that… I remember hitting my first plateau, benching 90 kgs (oh way back…) , talk about frustration! The key was to keep at it, it will come… When I started out learning PowerShell there were three cmdlets I lived by: get-help, get-command and get-member. PowerShell is all about objects, something I appreciate now, but back then didn’t quite grasp. I made it a point to learn the proper way of using custom objects and now I wouldn’t want it any other way! Keep at it, it will come… The only way to burst through plateaus is being persistent.

Know that tools are just a means to an end.
Ever seen someone at the gym with a lifting belt on, only to do arm curls with 12 pounds dumbbells? Come on, you should be able to handle the weight without depending too much on accessories. How about someone doing extensive leg stretching only to start curling? SMH… If a tool will help you get to the next level then by all means, use it, but at least have a good foundation to build on. Most guys get so dependant on their belt, they can’t do without it anymore… Can you still produce quality scripts without additional tooling? If your answer is yes, you’ll be fine…

Learn from the best
“Mediocrity is contagious – so is excellence. So choose your surroundings wisely…”

When I started lifting I had the good fortune of being at a gym with some strong guys… Ever saw someone bench 250 kgs RAW? Now that’s impressive!!! I got a lot of good tips from these guys. Remember I talk about good form? Well to this day the suicide grip is what feels natural to me. I know it isn’t considered correct but it’s what I was taught. It also helped me burst through my first plateau! The PowerShell community isn’t short of experts! Follow them, learn from them. Don’t forget, these are the heavyweights, so approach them with respect! If you’re lucky to interact with an expert, please, please refrain from giving them advice on how to become better! There’s a reason why they are the experts! Don’t be that beginner (read lightweight with no visible gains) that tells a lifter (think Ronnie Coleman huge) he’s curling all wrong, or what he needs to do to get huge! Granted we can always learn from each other, just don’t be a wise guy about it…

Be prepared to overcome obstacles
Over the years I’ve fractured bones, torn ligaments, name a body part and I’ve probably injured it. I injured my right shoulder some time back. When recovering, benching 40 kg was almost impossible. Here I was, back at square one. I did my warm-ups with 100 kg, now I couldn’t even bench 40 kg. That was humbling to say the least! When I started with PowerShell, I was quite versed in VBS. It took some time for me to warm up to the idea of PowerShell being superior to VBS, now I’m a huge advocate of PowerShell! These days I can’t imagine scripting in any other language. Be humble enough to start all over again.

Never stop learning
I’ve been an iron addict well over 20 years. I’ve reached the age that recovery takes time. I can’t compete with the young ones. Granted I can still hang, but I need to be smart about it! I know my limits, these days I’m working smarter! I intend to lift and enjoy lifting as long as possible. If that means taking it down a notch, then so be it. Lifting much like scripting is all about becoming a better version of yourself. Appreciate what you’ve achieved,accomplished and what you will accomplish. Don’t beat yourself up about what you can’t do, focus on what you can. Enjoy your glory days, and pass your knowledge on to the next generation. Never stop learning… your brain will thank you…

Well thanks for letting an iron addict reminisce and hopefully you picked up an idea or two… Some day you’ll be that guy… And the circle is complete…




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